5 members of the NetZeroPlus team have been awarded funding from UKRI’s artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing net zero challenges call; a research programme to find solutions for net zero challenges through the development and use of AI. The funding aims to provide solutions to support society in delivering greenhouse gas emission reductions and find innovative solutions to net zero challenges.

The new project, led by Professor Danny Williamson, (lead for the AI within NetZeroPlus) will run for 23 months, through to 31 March 2025. It will focus on providing decision support for the rapid expansion of UK woodland, which in the 2021 UK Government Environment Act was set as an ambitious (and legally-binding) target of half a million hectares of new trees. The imperative to meet the UK Net Zero by 2050 ambition, including greenhouse gas removal to remove carbon and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, will need support from research communities, who can provide the latest scientific, socio-economic and social science data to support decision making.

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