Presenting at the EGU General Assembly Conference

EGU General Assembly is the leading conference for geosciences in Europe. This year’s conference, held over 5-days in Vienna, covered a wide range of topics related to our NetZeroPlus  forest research.

Hsi-Kai Chou, from Net ZeroPlus presented in a PICO session – Modelling and exploring forest ecosystems under future climate and management. The PICO session is a type of scientific presentation that combines the advantages of oral and poster presentations. PICO authors orally present the highlights of their work to session attendees, followed by detailed discussion at interactive screens.

Hsi-Kai’s presentation – Evaluating the UK forest demography and carbon cycle using a process-based Land Surface Model, JULES-RED – summarised the up-to-date progress of our research. He was able to demonstrate how JULES-RED was used to simulate forest growth and the associated carbon cycle.

The session consisted of 13 presenters. The session topics covered Nitrogen evaluation, forest uncertainty under climate change, and decision-making.  These presentations are closely related to our research perspective and help us to better shape the JULES-RED model.