Our Research Projects

Our team of world leading researchers are working on a number of projects that are designed to help build up knowledge on how we make the best use of our natural resources to meet UK Net Zero Commitments by 2050.


AI-elevated Decision-support via Digital Twins for Restoring and Enhancing Ecosystem Services

A pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) research project providing innovative technologies that will aid crucial decisions about land use changes, with a focus on initiatives to create new woodlands and forests. It aims to feed directly into the UK Government Environment Act 2021 target of planting half a million hectares of new trees to increase carbon capture and other greenhouse gases as part of the UK’s strategy to achieve Net Zero by 2050.


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The NetZeroPlus (NZ+) project is playing a critical role in supporting the UK Government commitment to achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Of the Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) options available, increasing the carbon stored in the UK’s treescapes– including forests, woodlands and hedgerows, soils and in timber products – has the greatest potential, the lowest cost, and can be started immediately. NetZeroPlus examines all aspects of forestry to identify both The Right Tree in the Right Place and The Right Places for the Right Trees.


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