The NetZeroPlus project team will deliver a suite of free to access tools and resources. Find out below what we already are sharing…and there will be much more to follow. Sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media updates to keep in touch with the latest news and resource releases.

NetZeroPlus Woodland and Forest Decision Support Tool

At the heart of our project is an ambition to provide a innovative Woodland and Forest Decision Support Tool. Co-designed with our project partners, the tool will allow policy and decision makers to explore in a virtual environment what the outcomes of different woodland creation and land use change schemes might be.

Drawing information from a suite of models, the Decision Support Tool will allow us to understand how the UK’s existing and future woodlands will store greenhouse gases, what impact possible future climate scenarios might have, and take us through to the year 2100. The tool allows end users to apply their own criteria and judgements to define the planting and policy designs that would best match with their target outcomes.

The NetZeroPlus Woodland and Forest Decision Support Tool will be made available as a free to access resource. Why not sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to receive updates?

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ORVal: The Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool

The Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool (ORVal), has been developed by members of the NetZeroPlus team through funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

ORVal assesses the value provided by each park, wood, riverside walk, country path and beach across England and Wales, while also identifying which residents enjoy the benefits of each green space and when they do so.

This free to use tool can offer vital information to support decision making about the best places to locate new green spaces. Analysis of ORVal has shown that proximity of the site to residential areas, ease of travel, whether the park is a mix of grass and woodland and the availability of car parks and children’s play areas are key factors in how many people use them.


NEVO: Natural Environment Valuation Online Tool

The NEVO Tool is a powerful, open-access, web application designed for regional spatial planning. It can be used to explore the integrated relationships between climate change, land-use change, ecosystem service flows and economic values.

NEVO allows users to explore, quantify and make predictions about the environmental costs and benefits arising from changes of land-use across England and Wales.
It does this by bringing together spatially explicit data, natural science and economic models.


The NetZeroPlus team are incredibly grateful to have received resources, time, and support for our work from UKRI and each of our host research institutions.

The award offers each of us an opportunity to contribute to vital and urgent research questions. Our project name – NetZeroPlus – aims to encapsulate this as we seek to help address the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.