Video Gallery

ADD-TREES: The movie

An introduction to the aims of our ADD-TREES research project

Advancing the representation of land-based mitigation in Earth system models

Our research colleague, Anna Harper, presenting on the future of Earth Systems Models and learning from NetZeroPlus and ADD-TREES (see 03:08)

The Climate Change Hub from Forest Research

Find out about the Climate Change Hub from Forest Research – a a new one-stop shop that centralises and distils the latest adaptation information.

Conservation policy is KILLING Biodiversity!

Ian Bateman talks to Maxwell Dorey on his podcast: Marginal Babble, Episode 10, November 2023

NetZeroPlus - creating the UK's new woodlands

Sabrina Eisenbarth, Ian Bateman, Brett Day and Amy Binner present the NetZeroPlus project to the GLASSNET Use Case Workshop, June 2022

Introducing the UKRI Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme

Achieving net zero will require Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) In this new animation, discover the world of GGR & our projects to remove greenhouse gases from the air, as part of the GGR-D Programme funded by UK Research and Innovation

Elephants and Economics: Why net zero matters to us all

Ian Bateman was one of a panel of speakers at the Natural History Museum, Annual Science Lecture 2021

Bringing climate, biodiversity & other ecosystem services into economic decision making

Listen to Ian Bateman’s talk at an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Climate and Biodiversity at Paris School of Economics, 15 October 2021

NetZeroPlus at COP26

Members of the NetZeroPlus team at COP26, Glasgow

Introduction to the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator Projects (GGR-D) and Q&A

UK GGR Event, Day 1, May 2022

NEVO Introduction

Find out more about NEVO – an online tool developed by the team to help end users value the natural environment

A Natural Capital Approach

Find out more about the ‘Natural Capital’ approach to nature, April 2022